The night of the 13th May, 2012

​Course of night proceeds as the guy waits silently yet with lots of anxiety. Waiting for the clock to strike 12 that might seem like another cinderella moment in his life. Walking in the dark, to find himself alone in his hostel room. 

This guy knelt down with tears in his eyes when he saw the digits 1-2 and prayed. The spirited team never gave up. The cross from “Merlin the Magician” met the “Super Sub” and he kissed it with grace to the back of the net. Fans were on their toes like Ballerinas. The scores were levelled at 2-2 but not the title.

Rivals saw the fall of “Super Mario” to be game over but he had one more life. He swept and protected the ball like it was his own baby before he gently pushed to the feet of KUN. Sergio Leonel KUN Aguero decided to blast it rather than to place it and there it was.A day to remember. The 13th May, 2012 which is tattooed to the hearts of all Manchester City fans.

Go Team… City forever… 


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