Angel Of My Dreams

Asked her name, damn she looks so fine
Wish i could show her my world, Wish she was mine
She got my eyes popped when she was doing her thing
Made my jaws drop when she was moaning my name (Hey)

They said her name’s Jill and she’s searching for her Jack
like a drug-lord’s will, giving away a houseful of crack
The angel of my dreams standing right here in front of me
My nightmare crashes, hear now splashes hailing from the sea

Footprints of hers, the cutest thing i gotta trace
Running on the beach, together we can win this race
Held her on my arms, said girl ill never make you upset
Kissed her like there ain’t gonna be another sunset

That’s when i wake up, to the sound of my phone ringing
Eyes wide open, could feel my inside thumping
It was my Angel, said she wants to see me again
Was it a dream come true coz no one’s gonna believe me again
Coz shes my Angel, the Angel of my Dreams………….


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